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  • S 1000 RR (2019+)
  • S 1000 RR (2010-2018)

Womet-Tech sliders, commonly known as Crash Pads, are special protectors that are bolted to a motorcycle frame or engine. Their purpose is to protect vehicle and minimize damage during the fall, both stationary and in motion. The special polymer of the Womet-Tech sliders compensates a significant amount of impact energy. In addition, the dense structure of the protector slowly rubs off during the slipping, stopping the vehicle.

Thanks to this Womet-Tech Endurance sliders provide additional protection for the engine and bodywork without overburdening the frame and engine mounting points.

Womet-Tech Crash Pads are made on CNC machines.Sliders are produced by cutting a block of special, high density polymer. The polymer parameters were selected to dissipate the impact energy and remained highly resistant to abrasion and cracking.

All Womet-Tech Crash Pads/Frame Sliders has been designed and manufactured in Poland.